Aircraft Inspections: Are You in Compliance?

Aircraft maintenance and inspections at Jackson Jet Center

Aircraft ownership does not come without a significant number of responsibilities. The freedom to go where you want, when you want means keeping up with a series of inspection requirements. Are you up to date with your required inspections? There’s a lot to keep up with, between annual inspections, 100-hour inspections, progressive inspections, and more, it’s difficult to know what specific requirements you have to complete.

The required inspections will vary depending on how you use your aircraft. One of the most common inspections that all general aviators must comply with is the annual inspection. An aircraft mechanic, with inspection authorization, must have completed and endorsed your annual inspection within the preceding 12 calendar months to be compliant.

The requirements of an annual inspection are contained in the manufacturer’s maintenance manual and spells out the airworthiness standards such as inspection intervals, parts replacement, etc. The annual inspection requirement is clearly defined in the FAR 91.409.

Aircraft maintenance facilities like Jackson Jet Center in Boise, Idaho, can help keep you on track with your scheduled maintenance and inspection intervals. Jeff Jackson, CEO of Jackson Jet Center, said, “many of our clients have full-time responsibilities outside of being an aircraft owner and pilot. We realize it can be difficult to keep all their maintenance requirements up to date with their busy lifestyles and commitments and that’s where we can help.”

Who is authorized to complete an annual inspection? FAA certified individuals with an Inspection Authorization (IA) that meet the yearly requirements of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65, section 65.93 are authorized to complete these inspections.

If you have any questions concerning the inspection intervals and whether you’re in compliance, contact an aircraft maintenance facility and speak to an IA certified technician. Together, they’ll help you determine your currency status and get you up to date if needed.


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