atz Takes Flight at Jackson Jet Center

A Look at the Street Art of AtZ at Jackson Jet
At Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix, AZ

In a fascinating meld of the contemporary with the classic, Sky Harbor Airport’s Jackson Jet has been transformed into an artistic mecca. Proudly housing over seventy art pieces by the elusive street artist known as AtZ, the space, housing the “AtZ Takes Flight” exhibit, is now open to the public.

Upon entering the Jackson Jet FBO, one can’t help but be enveloped by AtZ’s evocative works. The pieces span vast expanses of the walls, turning the center into a gallery of international repute.

One piece, in particular, commands attention. Suspended grandly twenty feet above the reception area are five stunning pieces each  6 feet tall and spanning a width of 25 feet wide covering this expanse with the theme of travel.

Presenting familiar global landmarks through AtZ’s lens, well known, well visited and exotic destinations are reimagined. From the ancient ruins of Athens to Venice’s serene canals, every portrayal by AtZ is imbued with a fresh perspective, masterfully intertwining modern graffiti styles with historic scenes.

AtZ captures the feeling of travel in all of its romance and leaves the viewer in absolute awe.

Jackson Jet CEO Jeff Jackson shared, “It’s been a privilege to collaborate with American Fine Art Inc. and showcase AtZ’s distinctive works. We believe in the transcendental power of art, and having these pieces at our center elevates not just the space but the experience of every visitor.”

Jackson Jet at Sky Harbor Airport has been transfigured into an artistic sanctuary by the evocative works of AtZ. Visitors will be engulfed by a mosaic of emotions, colors, and visuals that depict the essence of our world’s most cherished destinations. AtZ has managed to seamlessly blend the edgy urban flair of street art with the profound depths of classic destinations, creating an ambience that resonates deeply with the modern traveler

Decoding AtZ: An Enigma in Street Art

AtZ is an anomaly in the realm of street art. With no formal training, they have managed to create pieces that resonate deeply with viewers. Drawing inspiration from street art legends like Crash, Banksy, and Haring, as well as iconic figures like Warhol and Basquiat, AtZ has carved a niche for themselves. A penchant for Renaissance art — a period that championed individual experiences and celebrated the world’s beauty and mystery — is evident in their works.

For AtZ, every artwork is more than just a piece; it’s a lesson, an experience, and a part of their ever-evolving journey. Their artistry offers solace, bringing tranquility amidst the tumult of the present world.

As AtZ continues to grow with each painting, they consider each work of art created as an integral part of the artistic journey that teaches us all something valuable to carry forward.  You can describe painting and the act of creation as the thing that brings peace and serenity. AtZ finds inspiration in everyone and the world that surrounds us.  Even in the volatile and changing world, we navigate today.

The Elusive AtZ - A Commitment to Authenticity and Anonymity

Like a few other contemporary street artists, AtZ highly values anonymity, preferring to live a private life rather than personal fame and notoriety. Unlike some other urban artists/entities, A strong belief in the originality and uniqueness of paintings over just printing, allowing each collector to own an original one-of-a-kind work of art. From shows and collections that the world has now seen, the judges and the jury are back with the unanimous verdict. The paintings, the style, the fresh approach to the old school of back-alley graffiti, and new highbrow street art have made it to the realm of fine art and so far, collectors cannot get enough. The color and power of the symbols bring to life and spread a vision and artistic genius that one will never forget. An intellectual talent blended with the rare passion and ability to convey a gritty message that covers the world all the way from anarchy to zillionaires – it’s all AtZ.

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