Jackson Jet Center Hosts a Piece of History in Boise

Madras Maiden - History in Boise

Jackson Jet Center was the Boise home to a piece of America’s aviation history in April as part of the Liberty Foundation’s 2018 Salute to Veterans tour.

The “Madras Maiden”, one of only a dozen or so active B-17 bombers still flying today, was in Boise showing off the weaponry that helped earn the aircraft the nickname the “flying fortress”. Spectators, both young and old, came out to tour the World War II era bomber while some lucky enthusiasts were able to take a flight in this venerable aircraft!

Jeff Jackson, CEO of Jackson Jet Center, said, “it was an amazing opportunity to host the B-17 Flying Fortress during her trip to Boise. It was great to see the faces of the visitors after touring the Madras Maiden. You could tell they really enjoyed seeing a part of history up close and personal.”

The Madras Maiden was accepted into the USAAF inventory in 1944 after being built by Lockheed-Vega and primarily functioned as a research and development aircraft during its military career spanning from 1944 through 1959.  The B-17 operated with a 10-person crew while in combat operations and was known for its durability.

The “Flying Fortress” saw action in every theater of operation during WWII, but primarily worked in Europe as part of the 8th Air Force. Despite the heroic actions and bravery of their crews, more than 4,700 of these aircraft were lost in combat. The B-17 was also used during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

The Liberty Foundation’s 2018 Salute to Veterans tour will continue throughout the summer as of now with more cities being announced soon.


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