Charter Services

Charter Service from Jackson Jet Center now available departing from Coeur d’Alene! Call the Charter office for details!


When You Travel With Us, The Pleasure Is All Ours.

Where do you want to go today?
Jackson Jet Center Charter specializes in aircraft charter services and aircraft management. Aircraft Charter Services provides efficiency, convenience, time savings, reliability, privacy, and most impor­tant safety.

Fly direct to your destination without routing through airport hubs or dealing with other airport hassles. It is only you and your party occupying the aircraft. Therefore, there are no long waits for your luggage after the flight. You walk off the aircraft and are on your way!

Jackson Jet Center Charter is convenient.
There are over 5,000 airports in the US available. We are not limited to the commercial airports. This saves driving time to your final destination. We are one stop shopping. Call us for all your charter needs. We have outstanding relationships with other charter operators in the industry. If we cannot accommodate you on our aircraft, we will find the right aircraft for you!

Jackson Jet Center Charter saves you time.
One phone call takes care of it all! You tell us your schedule and we will use our resources to customize your trip. We will provide the best aircraft and routing for your trip. Our work for you does not stop on the ramp; we can also make your ground transportation arrangements to your final destination.

Jackson Jet Center Charter is reliable.
We get the job done! Call us for your air travel needs and we will follow up with all the details. Board the aircraft with peace of mind that we will follow through to your destination smoothly, comfortably, and on time.

Jackson Jet Center Charter is private.
We do not share our client’s information with anyone. Additionally, when you travel, it is only you and your party in the aircraft. Meetings and per­sonal conversations can occur with complete privacy. Relax; take your coat off while traveling!

Jackson Jet Center Charter is safe.
From the ground to the air and back, safety is our biggest priority. We abide by the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and then exceed them. Our operations are through the FAA under FAR Part 135, On-Demand. (FAR–Federal Aviation Regulations). Our Air Carrier Certificate Number is GBBA155E. Our Air Agency Certificate number is GBBR155E. Both issued at the FAA Flights Standards D.O., NM-FSDO-11. In ad­dition to our safety record being assessable through the FAA, it can be accessed through the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) and ARG/US International.

Why Charter

Jackson Jet Center Charter provides charter services 365 days a year. We understand the importance of having flexibility and convenience when traveling. Making your travel plans should be worry and hassle free-that is one of our specialties. Simply give us the information and we will run with it!

Our concierge service takes all the stress and hassle out of your trip by coordinating all the trip details for you. From rental cars to your in-flight menu and experience, our concierge service helps provide the perfect, easiest travel experience.

In addition to low stress with your travels, your safety is our highest priority. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained in accordance with FAA FAR Part 135 standards, incorporate state-of-the-art avionics and beau­tifully appointed interiors and exteriors.

In addition to our own fleet, we have an extensive charter network, assuring you that we are always able to go whenever you want and wherever you want. We cover the world! One phone call takes care of it all!

You will appreciate the benefits of traveling with Jackson Jet Center Charter:

  • The highest degree of safety. All of our pilots are certified and trained to the highest standards. They work full-time exclusively for Jackson Jet Center Charter assuring that the pilots maintain currency and focus only on flying.
  • Thoroughly inspected and maintained aircraft. Our Director of Maintenance brings 38 years of industry experience and knowledge to our team. His eye for details in the caring of the Jackson Jet Center fleet will assure that you feel confident and safe while flying with us!
  • State-of-the-art avionics including terrain and traffic-avoidance systems.
  • Convenient, personalized scheduling. Our aircraft and the operators with whom we have outstanding work­ing relationships are ready 24 hours a day at airports coast-to-coast to take you to any destination.
  • Absolute privacy in luxurious surroundings. Elegant leather interiors with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and in-flight catering make your trip as comfortable as possible.
  • Competitive Rates. Not only are safety, convenience, privacy, and efficiency important, we also want to assure you receive top-notch service at a competitive rate.

Call us for a personalized quote — you will be surprised at the amount of time and money we can save you!

For more information contact:

Jackson Jet Center Charter Department
(208) 884-6667