Clean Protection Program™

Jackson Jet Center continues to provide a premium on cleanliness. Clean airplanes and clean facilities have been a part of our regular routine from day one. With the introduction of COVID-19, we have further enhanced our cleaning protocols by developing the Clean Protection Program™ to ensure everyone stays safe. In alignment with CDC, DOT and FAA recommendations the Clean Protection Program minimizes and removes touch points and strives to ensure a Covid-19 free experience

On this page, you’ll see how we keep each phase of our operations clean and ready to serve you at all times. As always, if you have any questions about our operations, feel free to call us at 877-383-3300.

The Team

When you work with a Jackson Jet Center team member, you will experience team members specifically trained on CDC, DOT and FFA recommendations that highlight the importance of social distancing, respiratory etiquette, proper hygiene, frequent and appropriate handwashing, and not touching their hands to their faces, etc. Your team members will be continuously educated with up to date CDC, DOT and FAA recommendations about the hygiene and social etiquette that, when strictly followed, will help keep all of us healthy. Additionally. every Jackson Jet Center employee knows to stay home if they become sick or come in contact with someone that is sick.

Terminal and Facilities

  • All staff will have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and it will be readily available for guests
  • Increased cleaning 4 times daily and extra attention to high traffic areas.
  • Social distancing measures in place for our lobby and new passenger arrival protocols
  • Aircraft sanitizing and cleaning before and after maintenance servicing
  • Access to additional hand-sanitizing stations throughout all our facilities

The Airplanes

  • Total sanitization of all planes happens before and after every trip using EPA, CDC and FAA approved cleaners
  • All crew will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will be readily available for you and your guests
  • All plane lavs are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in increased efforts to ensure your safety
  • Blankets and pillows have been removed from the aircraft. Only professionally cleaned, single use soft goods will be used

For Your Next Trip

  • You will be asked to complete a health declaration and travel history screening
  • New and enhanced valet, ground vehicles and rental car services now in place
  • Additional Screening for international trips
  • Minimized food handling procedures and enhanced procedures for catering

Our Commitment to You

Jackson Jet Center makes every effort to ensure you have the safest experience possible. When you use our services, you can rest easy knowing we have taken all of the recommended precautions from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and the Federal Aviation Administration. Your safety, health and satisfaction guide every decision we make.

For More Information on Traveling Safely, Please Visit the Following Resources

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
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World Health Organization (WHO)
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US Department of State
To learn more about the US Department of State issued Health Advisories.
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National Institutes of Health (NIH)
COVID-19 information from the NIH can be found at this link.
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
The latest FAA guidance on COVID-19.
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