May 30, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring an Aircraft Maintenance Company

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When you make a serious purchase like an aircraft, it is essential that you maintain it to get the most out of it. That is one reason why people spend over $33 billion in the United States alone every year on the aircraft maintenance industry. It takes more than 126,000 people employed around the country to keep our aircraft in top shape.

Considering how huge the market is for aircraft maintenance, you are going to have to choose among many options for your own maintenance company. This can be difficult because most people who own aircraft are not experts in aircraft maintenance. How can you tell which aircraft maintenance company is the right option for taking care of your valuable investment?

Fortunately, there are a lot of principles you can use to help sort through your aircraft maintenance options. Following the principles in this article will help you consider a variety of options and narrow them down to your top candidates.

Read on to learn all about the most vital things to keep in mind when you intend to hire an aircraft maintenance company!

Save Time by Listing What You Need

There are a lot of common mistakes that people make during the aircraft maintenance company selection process. These mistakes can sometimes cause people to make the wrong decision. However, they can also slow down the process even if they end up with an acceptable final decision.

So what can you do to make the right decision without having to take longer to do it than necessary? Don’t make the mistake of jumping right into assessing a list of aircraft maintenance companies.

Instead, start by sitting down and reflecting on what you are looking for. Even 15 minutes spent on this process can end up saving you hours later on.

Listing Your Preferences

Start by writing down anything you already know you want to find in an aircraft maintenance company. Obviously, they will need to be able to take care of your specific type of aircraft. You might also have preferences about the location of your aircraft maintenance company.

Think about if you have strong preferences about the turnaround time for maintenance. Or, you might want a company that can take care of aircraft modifications as well as maintenance. It is also worth considering how much you want your aircraft maintenance company to focus on aesthetics versus functionality.

This is only the beginning of the list of preferences you might have for your aircraft company. Think through what you care about and then consider the list you have written down. Does it feel like this list encapsulates everything you hope to find in your ultimate decision for your aircraft maintenance service?

If not, spend a little more time reflecting on what might be missing from your list. It can also be helpful to consult with others to help you flesh out your list in detail.

This list will later come in handy as you sort through your aircraft maintenance options. If necessary, you can repeat this step throughout the selection process to clarify what you are looking for.

Consider Many Aircraft Maintenance Companies

Another big mistake that some people make is only considering one or a few aircraft maintenance companies. Some people feel like they are still doing their due diligence as long as they exhaustively investigate the few options they are considering.

However, it does not matter how exhaustive your decision is if you are only considering a few options. There is a strong probability that the right aircraft maintenance service for you never made it onto your list of candidates in the first place.

As a general rule, the more candidates you consider, the higher the chance you will find an aircraft maintenance service you are happy with. The wider the net you cast, the higher the chance you will catch the fish you are looking for.

Some people are concerned about making a long list of candidates because they think it will take too long to sort through them. However, some of the other principles in this article can help you narrow down your list of candidates quickly. As a result, feel free to make as long a list of candidates as you please.

One easy way to accomplish this is by looking up aircraft maintenance companies on a search engine or even an AI chat tool. However, you should keep in mind that the options you find will not be tailored to your specific situation. The more you fill your list of candidates with options that are not ideal, the longer it can take to sort through them.

You might be able to generate a better list of candidates by asking for recommendations instead.

Ask for Aircraft Maintenance Company Recommendations

Think about anyone you know whom you would trust to recommend an aircraft maintenance company. If you know other people with an aircraft, consider reaching out to them. After all, there is a good chance they have gone through their own selection process.

If you can copy a lot of their work, then you may be able to save yourself a lot of time. When you reach out to ask for recommendations, share your list of preferences.

However, you might want to share an abbreviated list of your preferences. It might take too long for the other person to understand all of the factors you are considering.

In such cases, it can help to prioritize your most important preferences. Start by identifying which of your preferences are deal breakers. You can then add a few of your other strong preferences if your list of deal breakers is not too long.

As you share this list with the person you are consulting with, ask them if they can recommend an aircraft maintenance service that meets your preferences. However, you may also benefit from asking if there are companies they think you should avoid.

You might find that they mention some of the candidates on your list. If so, you can remove them from further consideration. By shortening your list, you will make it easier to sort through your remaining options.

If you know multiple people with an aircraft, you might want to ask for recommendations from a few people. Once you are done, you should place these recommendations at the top of your list of candidates. There is a higher chance that they will work out compared to options you find on a search engine.

Consider Setting a Firm Budget

At this point, it can be helpful to set a firm budget. Some people set a loose budget. However, this can make it more stressful and time-consuming to choose a company.

A firm budget number is one that does not move no matter what. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what this number should be. However, if you can set a firm budget number, it can save you a lot of time.

You already know that you will not be willing to pay for any service that costs more than your budget number stipulates. That can allow you to quickly remove several more candidates from consideration.

Rank Private Jet Maintenance Companies by Experience

For a layperson, experience is one of the top indicators that a company will do a good job. However, you will want to find a company with relevant experience. Some aircraft maintenance services have decades of experience working on a certain type of plane.

However, that experience may not be as helpful if you have a different kind of playing. Ask each company you consider about which type of aircraft they have the most experience with. If they mention aircraft similar to your own, that can make them better candidates for your maintenance needs.

Look For Textron-Authorized Services

Another great way to sort through your candidates is by looking for special qualifications. Services that are authorized by Textron often provide fantastic service. They have to maintain high standards to maintain Textron’s authorization.

These companies hire technicians with high levels of training and expertise. They also have a deep understanding of Textron aircraft.

This authorization also allows them to get Textron parts more easily. Depending on the aircraft you have, that can be a major advantage.

Your aircraft might even have a warranty that only applies if you get maintenance done by a Textron-authorized facility. In such cases, you should prioritize choosing a Textron-authorized service.

If you ever decide to sell your aircraft, this decision can pay off. Telling potential buyers that your aircraft received maintenance from a Textron-authorized facility can increase its resale value.

Ask Maintenance Services for References

The best aircraft maintenance services have a long list of loyal customers. Ask each company you consider to provide you with some references. Get in touch with them and ask them about their experiences.

You might also want to ask if they have aircraft similar to your own. This information can be invaluable when you are choosing an aircraft maintenance service.

You might also benefit from looking at online ratings and reviews. This is a powerful way to narrow down your list of candidates.

If a service has poor overall ratings, it is probably safe to remove it from further consideration. That is one more way you can shorten your list and speed up your selection process.

You can then read through the written reviews for further details. Doing this can often help you narrow your list down to a few top candidates.

This can come in handy if your top choice does not work out for any reason. Having a few backup candidates ready to go can save you a lot of time.

Get a Comprehensive List of Costs

Make sure you know about any hidden fees that might affect your aircraft maintenance costs. Don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on only the main maintenance expenses. Once you have those down, ask about any other fees that might add to your costs.

If necessary, you can repeat this question multiple times. Do so until each service you consider assures you that you know about everything that might affect your cost.

Prioritize Flexible Aircraft Services

You never know when your aircraft is going to need quick maintenance. Ask about how long it will take your top candidates to manage a surprise maintenance job.

You might need to wait for days or even weeks for maintenance from some companies. However, other companies are able to provide speedy service without much notice. In some cases, you might need to pay an extra fee for this kind of speed.

Choose Responsive Private Jet Charters

As you get in touch with each of your top candidates, make a note of how responsive they are. For example, you might note how long it takes them to answer the phone. You might want to send them an email as well to see how long it takes them to get back to you.

You should also make a note of how pleasant each company is to work with. It can be easy to forget these details as you get deeper into your selection process. By taking quick notes, you can avoid the mistake of hiring a company that is excellent in some ways but may be a pain to make arrangements with.

Know How to Find the Right Aircraft Maintenance Service for You

After investing in your own aircraft, finding the right aircraft maintenance service to take care of it can be a decision with high stakes. Being willing to take the time to consider your options and do your due diligence about making your final decision is an investment that will more than pay for itself. The principles in this article can help you navigate this process thoroughly without needing to take more time than necessary.

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