Aircraft Ramp and Cargo Services

Jackson Jet Center can provide a full range of ground handling and passenger services including Aircraft Ramp, Cargo, and Deicing Services.

Deicing Services

  • Deicing Types 1 & 4 – Airstart and Preheat

Aircraft Ramp Services – Ramp side, Military side, or Airport Terminal services to airlines and charter companies including:

  • Loading and unloading of baggage
  • Baggage handling and transfers
  • Mail handling, sorting, and distribution
  • Aircraft marshaling, pushback, and towing
  • Potable water and lavatory service
  • GSE rentals and more
  • No ramp fees for smaller aircrafts

Cargo Services – The ability and flexibility to handle every cargo need including:

  • Loading and offloading of bulk, containerized, and palletized cargo
  • Build up and breakdown of cargo
  • Warehousing
  • Staffing

2019 Awards from Frontier Airlines

Frontier Awards Jackson Jet Center

Division IV

  • Co-MVP-Best OT/TR (Controllable)
  • Co-MVP-Fewest Passenger Complaints (per 100,000 Pax)
  • Co-MVP-Best MBR % Below Goal