Lavatory Largest baggage capacity in class
1,223 NM
422 Knots
luggage capacity
66 cu ft

About The


The HondaJet is a small-sized light business jet with a spacious cabin and superb comfort. With outstanding fuel efficiency, the HondaJet increases convenience while reducing environmental impact. The jet can also achieve higher cruising altitudes compared to same-class jets, often allowing for smoother flights.

The Hondajet is known for it’s innovative Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM), considered a breakthrough in aeronautics, engineering and technical achievement. The unique configuration dramatically improves performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag.

Passengers enjoy the roomy interior cabin space that has been optimized for private travel. You’ll also appreciate the meticulous attention to detail in the space. The configuration of the executive seating is comfortable and luxurious facilitating in air meetings or social time while in flight. The cabin is designed to be quiet for more reflective travel as well.

With 66 cubic feet of cargo capacity, best-in-class for a jet this size, luggage and stowage isn’t a problem for Hondajet and allows for plenty of baggage in the tail and nose sections.

The Hondajet climbs and cruises faster, soars higher, offers more room and less noise, and uses less fuel than any light jet in its class. This combination of technical innovation, speed, comfort and efficiency makes the HondaJet a favorite among business and private passengers on any trip.

Aircraft Seating Layout
HondaJet Seating Configuration

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