November 17, 2022

Private Jet Super Bowl LVII | 2023 Super Bowl 57 Jet Charter

A private jet charter for the Super Bowl is the best way to arrive in style and comfort to the biggest game of the year. This major sporting event isn’t held in the same city twice, so you’ll have plenty of time to make arrangements to travel in comfort and luxury. This year, Phoenix is proud and excited to host this incredible event. 

Whether traveling with family, friends, or business associates, chartering a Jackson Jet Center Private Jet for the big game is the best way to arrive at PHX. 

The Benefits of Private Jet Charter 

Whether you scored tickets to the Super Bowl, or traveling to Glendale-Phoenix for business or pleasure, private jet charter is the best way to enjoy the fun of the Super Bowl. The best part is the party can start earlier (and end later) when you’re flying your way and on your time. 

With early charter booking you can fly to the game in style by private jet charter! With a private jet to Super Bowl 57, you are sure to complete your bucket list game-day experience. 

Jackson Jet Center charters many planes that ensure your safety and security in flight. We have a diverse fleet ranging from turbo props to heavy jets and can help you select the ideal aircraft based on your preferences and travel plans.

What are some of the benefits of flying a Private Jet Charter to the Super Bowl?

  • Saves time – Private Jet Charters fly on your schedule. 
  • Enjoy private flights with actual privacy 
  • Perfect for small or larger groups (Jackson Jet has aircraft that can carry up to 13 or more passengers)
  • Avoid the hassles of commercial flying – no waits in lines or security pat downs.
  • A better, less stressful experience. Imagine pulling up to the private terminal and walking onto your flight.
  • Enjoy more time together in the sky and on the ground
  • Go as a group – Fan travel is increasing in popularity. Grab a group and extend the games experience with your friends and family
  • Let us do the arrangements – We arrange catering and can even help you with rentals or hotel arrangements!

Call Jackson Jet Center today and experience the difference our expertise can make for your next charter booking. 

Super Bowl Private Jet Charter

Fly on a chartered private jet for the game and arrive in style with fleet from Jackson Jet Center. The Live NFL Broadcast of the Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 13, 2021, from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Kickoff time is 2:30 PM PT. Singer Rihanna is set to headline the world-famous halftime show from Roc Nation and Apple Music.

Jackson Jet Center PHX FBO features the largest canopy in Arizona.

Prime FBO Parking in Phonenix

This year for Superbowl 57, we are offering prime parking at Jackson JEt Center FBO PHX. Jackson Jet Center’s FBO in Phoenix is a proud member of the Air Elite Network, a global network of uniquely exceptional Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) Terminals. FBO Terminals gain entry into the Air Elite Network by consistently meeting standards of excellence across many criteria. That means our FBO amenities and customer services are the best around! 

A Private Jet to Super Bowl 57 is the Best Way to fly

Jackson Jet Center has many aircrafts available to you when flying private to Super Bowl LVII. Whether you’re flying out with a group of friends, the family, or jetting your colleagues, flying a private jet for the game will create memories you’ll never forget. Select your aircraft from our extensive fleet; we offer:

  • Turbo Props: The most cost-effective option with outstanding reliability, a spacious cabin, and great load factors for carrying extra luggage. 
  • Light Jet Fleet: Featuring Embraer Phenoms, Citation Mustangs and The 2015 Citation CJ3+. This fleet offers the speed to accommodate a 2,000 nm range with a comfortable cabin and ample luggage space. 
  • Heavy Jets: Our heavy jets are perfect for group travel to almost any destination. With seating for up to 13 passengers and an incredible 3,240 mile range, our Embraer Legacy 600 offers exceptional range, cargo capacity and a well appointed luxury cabin with Wifi, flat screen monitors, oven and microwave.

Whether you’re a lifetime football fan or simply enjoy the many celebratory experiences around the game day, a private plane to 57 will surpass every expectation. In addition, Jackson Jet Center provides all the premium concierge services so that you can relax on the flight. Traveling by private air will be worth it, and you can even enjoy the Phoenix sun in winter! An excellent flight experience will make the Super Bowl even more memorable.

Check in at our Terminal is a breeze at the CSR desk.

Private Jet In-Flight Dining

Onboard, you can enjoy your choice of music, entertainment, and food that will blow away any tailgate. Not to worry —if it’s drafts and dogs you’re hoping for while flying in for the game day, you have the best dining experiences available on your jet charter. Enjoy the best as you relax on your flight and know that you’ll touch down easily – as you avoid the crush of the airport altogether.

Call Jackson Jet Center, or fill our simple online charter quote, or email our Jackson Jet Center Aviation experts for a custom flight quote. 

History of the Super Bowl

The first Super Bowl occurred on January 15, 1967, when the American Football League reached an incorporation agreement with the National Football League. It bears mentioning that the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV broadcast of the year, and only Thanksgiving has more food eaten throughout the event. 

As the most-watched sports show globally, the commercials are some of the year’s most pricey (and entertaining) ones. Don’t miss this popular event—fly on a private jet to Super Bowl LVI.

Glendale – Phoenix Super Bowl Jet Charter

When you charter a private jet to Phoenix for game day, business, or leisure, there are many airports to select from. Whether your destination is the Super Bowl in Glendale or an airport in the surrounding cities, Jackson Jet Center will arrange every detail for you. Your aviation executive will manage all the aspects of the flight and ground transportation so that you can travel stress-free.

Request Your Charter with Our Private Jet Experts

Due to the increased air traffic, the FAA has special procedures for all aircraft movements in Phoenix during the game week. Hangar and landing times are at a premium and on a first-come, first-served reservation basis at Phoenix-Scottsdale area airports. Advance restrictions on flights and airspace begin on January 30, 2023. Don’t delay booking with Jackson Jet Center to get your preferred time slot for arrival and your choice of airport.

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