August 17, 2023

Why Luxury FBO Private Jets are the Ideal Choice for VIPs

fbo private jet

Private jets are becoming a more and more popular option to fly. The United States tends to be a big hub for this considering that the country has over 62% of the world’s private jets. 

If you are new to flying private, you may be curious as to what the benefits are from using an FBO private jet. Read on as we go over some of the biggest benefits that make people want to get a private charter jet. 

Plenty of Locations 

Something people new to the private jet world might not know is that there are more locations where you can fly a private jet than you might expect. In the United States alone, there are over 3,000 airports where you can fly a private jet from. 

This can also be good to increase your options as to where you take this private jet. It can help make more trips possible for you, your friends, and your clients. As a result, you can open yourself up to a whole new world.

Closer Airports 

Another benefit to using private jets is that because they are smaller planes, they can have access to different airports. These airports tend to be for more private use such as charters. However, something of note with these airports is that they do not usually have the capability of fitting bigger commercial planes in their area. 

This is significant because those bigger commercial planes need somewhere to go that is not far from a major city or a tourist destination. What typically happens because of this is that major commercial airports get built a little further out from the center of a major city. 

It is for these reasons that there tend to be very few people who live relatively close to an airport. Some people live over 58 miles away from a decent-sized airport in the United States. 

What does this mean? It means that it will likely take them at least an hour to get to the airport from their initial location. 

The same thing applies when you arrive at an airport and you are trying to get to the center of a city or a tourist area. Because commercial airports need a larger space for the planes that fly into those airports, you are likely going to have to travel further to get to your destination. 

This is where private jets come into play. Because they are smaller planes, they can go to private airports or regional airports. As a result, you are likely going to save travel time to get to that airport and to get to your final destination once you land. 

If you want to avoid long travel time on the ground when you are traveling, this can be a great way to do it.

Choose Your Itinerary 

One of the best things about having a private jet is that in most cases, you are the boss. If you provide enough notice to a flight crew, you get to be in charge of your entire flight itinerary. 

You get to choose what time you leave your initial airport, what destination you want to go to, what day of the week you want to fly, when you want to fly back home, and more.

Having this kind of flexibility and freedom to make your own itinerary can be an exhilarating feeling. If you are not a morning person, you do not have to worry about setting your alarm before sunrise to make it to the airport on time. If you are a night owl, you can choose to schedule your flight as late in the day as it is safe to fly. 

Take advantage of having the power to choose all of this for yourself and find out what is best for you.

Choose Your Jet 

On top of choosing your itinerary, you can also choose what type of private charter jet that you want for your flight. This can be a big deal because this gives you the power to decide what the best jet is for you and your group.

One of the first things you are going to want to think about here is how many people you want to have on your jet. These private jets tend to range from fitting five people comfortably to fitting up to 13 people comfortably. 

The size of these jets can lead to your group having different priorities. However, there are some jets in the fleet that have the same passenger capacity. In these situations, you can take a look at the seating arrangements for each of these jets and decide which one is best for you. 

Do you and your group prioritize having some lounge chairs available on the jet? What about a liquor cabinet for those who like to have an adult beverage in the sky? 

These are the things that you can look into and you can get a better idea of what fits your group best.

Bring More Luggage 

When you use a commercial aircraft, most airlines are going to have luggage restrictions when it comes to how many bags you can bring without additional charges.

Normally, you can bring a personal item and a carry-on bag with you on the plane. However, there are size restrictions for each of these bags, and if you need room for more stuff, you will have to put it in a checked bag.

Depending on the airline and your route, that checked bag will likely cost you an additional fee. This is also the case for any oversized items that you might have. 

The average size of a piece of luggage tends to not be more than a little over three cubic feet. However, a private jet in our fleet could fit up to 286 cubic feet worth of luggage. 

What does this mean? It means that our largest jet in the fleet would fit up to 90 normal pieces of luggage. Considering that only 13 passengers can go on that jet, each person would have plenty of room on one of these jets for all of their luggage. 

Even on a smaller jet that can only fit five passengers, there is still enough room for everyone to likely be able to store three pieces of luggage each on the jet. 

The point is that on a private jet, there are fewer restrictions on each person’s luggage than when you are flying on a commercial plane. Use this to your advantage and do not worry as much about packing light when flying on a private jet.

Traveling With Pets 

Another big benefit to flying on a private jet is that it is easier to travel with pets. Because this is your aircraft, you have more options when it comes to bringing your pets on a plane. 

Do you want to bring your dog or cat with you while you travel? Have them come sit with you on one of our private jets. 

As long as the pet meets all of the requirements for the final destination, you are good to go. 

Those of you who have brought your pets on a commercial flight know what kind of hassle it can be. You are rarely able to bring your pet with you to your seat on a commercial flight. 

Instead, you normally have to put your pet in a kennel and they end up in a room below the plane with the rest of the luggage. They could be scared and alone in tight quarters. Also, they are in a place that is unfamiliar to them likely in the dark. 

Get rid of all of these downsides to traveling with pets by bringing them with you on a private jet. There, your pet can sit with you and travel a lot more comfortably to your final destination.

Customize Your Service 

Along with a private jet, you typically get a flight crew that will take care of your needs for the duration of the flight. If you talk to someone from the crew in advance, you can make sure that the primary needs of you and your group are taken care of.

Let’s say that your group likes to have a few alcoholic beverages while you are in the air. You can tell the flight crew what type of alcohol your group normally likes. By doing this, the flight crew can stock up the liquor cabinet to meet the needs of your group. 

The same thing goes for food that you might want to have on the plane. This can be anything from snacks to other finger foods. Tell the flight crew what food your group likes along with any concerns such as food allergies among your group.

Then, there are smaller details such as reading material, specific blankets and pillows you might want to use while trying to fall asleep during the flight, any particular coffee that your group might like, and more. 

The point is that rather than having to compromise for the needs of the majority, you can center the needs of your group as the priority for this type of flight. 

Have Business Meetings

If you are in the business world, you can use a private jet as a place to have a business meeting. This can be a very difficult thing to do on a commercial airplane because there is simply less space for your needs. 

In a private jet, you have a space that is both intimate and spacious to get down to brass tax. 

For example, let’s say that you and someone else in your industry are both from around the same area and both want to go to a big convention for your industry in Las Vegas. 

You can use this situation to your advantage and agree to travel together. This will both offer your potential client a luxurious flying experience as well as get more time alone with this person to close a big business deal.

Less Time in Airports 

Finally, one of the biggest downsides to traveling through commercial airports is the time that you have to dedicate to it. You have to get there two or three hours before your flight, you have to deal with TSA checking your belongings in front of an audience, and you have to wait in a terminal before your plane begins to board. 

What if you could find a way around all of this? With a private jet, the plane does not leave until you arrive. So, you do not have to worry about getting to the airport early for your flight. 

On top of this, you will have more privacy for security screenings and it is unlikely that you will have to be stuck waiting in a terminal before you can board your plane. This results in you having both more convenience and more comfort.

Use an FBO Private Jet

These are some of the biggest benefits that you get when you use an FBO private jet. It starts with things such as having a more flexible schedule and being able to use airports that are closer to your final destination. You can also use this as a space to have business meetings, customize plane service to your group’s standards, and get more comfort and convenience when flying. 

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